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Kadambavanam welcomes you to Tamilnadu, the southern tip of peninsular India, the country that is home to the oldest surviving civilization in history. As the logo represents, Kadambavanam is a centre for Tamilnadu. Visit us to get a cross section of everything that is Tamilian.

Tamilnadu, relatively insulated from external invasions and influences, reveals a highly evolved and peaceful civilization deeply rooted in cultural values and traditions, that continues to exist today as it did centuries ago.

Kadambavanam captures the essence of this living tradition at Madurai, where Goddess Meenakshi, the fish eyed, warrior queen, reigns supreme with her consort Lord Sundareswarar, the manifestor of the 64 Divine plays known as Thiruvillaiyadal.

Set in a sea of green with a serene and soothing ambience just 25 kms from Madurai city, Kadambavanam offers an authentic cultural experience into the Tamil way of life as reflected in it’s

Jallikattu Tradition and Culture,
Arts and Crafts,
Food Varieties,
Games & Sports,
Spiritual Practices,
Language and Literature

at its
Traditional Function
FACT - Madurai was a KADAMBA VANAM before it gave way to the temple and the city around. Madurai has been the cultural capital of the Tamil people since ancient times. ‘Kadambavanam’ aims at ensuring its continuity.

‘Kadambavanam’ works on a ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ model involving local villagers to run the show. Kadambavanam is dedicated to the cause of promoting and preserving our precious art forms for posterity and in the process providing dignity and livelihood to many an impoverished rural artist.

Meenakshi Temple

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